Nemo's World Quality, Value & Customer Service


Nemo's World specializes in Marine Fish & Invertebrates, Tropical Fish & Ornamental Fancy Goldfish, Reptiles & Amphibians, Tortoise & Tarantulas, Insects & Tropical Aquatic Plants.
We not only sell livestock, we sell all the equipment needed to successfully keep any creature we sell. We have a large selection of Aquariums, Pumps, Internal Power Filters, External Power Filters, Heaters, Thermostats, Air Pumps, T5 Lighting, T8 Lighting, LED lighting, Water treatments & Additives, Fish Foods, flake, granular & frozen.
When it comes to reptiles, amphibians, spiders & insects our stock of equipment is second to none. We carry a range of terrariums, vivarium’s, plastic zoo pals & bra-plast boxes. We stock heat mats, reptile radiators, heat cables, ceramic heat lamps, UV & infra-red heat lamps, basking & spot lamps, Nemo's World stocks a large range of thermostats including, pulse proportional, dimming, mat stats & digital thermostats. We stock all reptile foods, frozen, dry food & live bugs.