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Arcadia Bio Aquatek Bio Phos 250ml

Arcadia Bio Aquatek Bio Phos 250ml

Arcadia Bio Aquatek Bio Phos 250ml


Bio-Phos 80 is a high capacity synthetic Iron Hydroxide, suitable for use in aquaria ranging from Ph5 to Ph10. With a capacity ranging from 80g/kg to 40g/kg PO4 removal (depending on water conditions) it is at the pinnacle of Phosphate & SiO2 adsorbing media. It is low dust & high density, so as to ensure the very minimum of migration from the reactor to the aquaria.

Your Marine Bio Pearls / Pellets will be effective until they completely disappear, which will normally take in excess of 12 months. However they should be lightly topped up every 3 months, back to their original quantity, to maintain maximum effectiveness.


Because of the relatively small grain size, Bio-Phos 80 is best suited for use on a media reactor, or an area of high flow, in a mesh bag.The media is very hard and won’t break down like other medias, allowing high rates of agitation to be applied.


Every 100g of Bio-Phos is capable of removing up to 4ppm of PO4 from 1000Ltrs of salt water or 4ppm PO4 from 2000Ltrs of fresh water. The Bio-Phos should be replaced when a noticeable increase in phosphates is indicated on a reliable phosphate test kit. The contents of this 1000ml package will remove up to 4ppm of Phosphates from 16000ltrs of fresh water or 8000ltrs of salt water.

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